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  Mon, 16 Sep 2019 - Game Store Update
Dear Tibians!

We added 3 scrolls and those are already available on our game store

  • Blue Djinn Scroll - You can buy this access to talk with the blue djinns.
  • Green Djinn Scroll - You can buy this access to talk with the green djinns.
  • Postman Scroll - You can buy this acces to use certain mailboxes located in the game map also you will receive boats discounts

  • All of those scrolls will gives to you the respective accesses without having to complete any missions.
    each scroll cost 2500 premium points.

    Tibianic Staff
      Mon, 16 Sep 2019 - Bugfixes and Content Changes
    Some new bug fixes and changes has been introduced

  • Directx 9 has been introduced to the game client
  • A lot of map bugs has been fixed
  • Now can cast runes and push items while running
  • Experience stages now starts at x25 and at level 101 it will be 1x rate.
  • Spawn time has been changed to 180 seconds instead 330

  • Happy Hunting,
    Tibianic Staff
      Sat, 14 Sep 2019 - Launching Tibianic
    Dear Tibians!

    My name is Francisco, Me and my close partners are now launching
    a longterm 7.4 retro server.

    This one will be nostalgia all over again for old & new players!
    I have been playing this game since since 2005.
    We cherish this game with great memories and stories. We salute all the old players that are still around out there to share their legendary stories, this is a platform where hopefully you can fulfill your dreams and fantasies you had when you were younger, whether it is fighting with your old enemy or helping a lost adventurer out of a hole, experiencing it all on one of the greatest versions of all time, the 7.4 client. Are you the new Smoked? perhaps the new Arieswar, the powerful Messiah or why not Hesperides? Sign up and take your place in our community!

    Server Information:
    - 25x Staged Exp rate, at Level 101 it will be 1x rate.
    - 4x skill rate.
    - custom loot rate.
    - custom gold rate.
    - 2x magic rate.
    - 2x mana reg

    World: Normal Pvp

    Detailed Info
  • Standard Classic 7.4 map.
  • Uptime 24/7.
  • Client: Custom Otclient Antibot.
  • Location: Brazil/Sao Paulo.
  • Admins: Pencil Jacker
  • Email tibianic.penciljacker@gmail
  • Website:

    - Custom Areas? - Custom areas will only be implemented if the community votes in favor.
    - Fast Travel? - Yes, Fast travel is implemented simply by typing "Bring me to {city}."
    - How long will it be up? - For As long as we got your support :)
    - Legendary items/Quests. - Yes they do exist and are extremely hard/tricky/rare to come by.
    - Raids? - Yes, we have automatic raid with a low % chance, every year it will be a possibility to fight a greater evil.

    Keep in mind, some changes may occur.. but we will make a strawpoll before such decisions are made.

    This server will be hard if you haven't played a classic 7.4 server with medium rates stages in awhile or at all but it's gonna be fairplay for all! This is a long-term project we strive for the best version of 7.4 as possible and a wholesome community!
    So hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.

    And remember: Be nice to eachother and keep your words clean due to different age groups and no stealing lootbags! hehe :)

    Ready to play? Sign up with an account and download the client
    Launch date: September 15th 15:00 (chilean time)

    Happy hunting!

    Tibianic Staff.